Resource Industry Turnover Analysis

Our RITA Report was acquired by HR Wise (Katherine Blacklock) in December 2021.

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Our RITA report has been used to benchmark employee turnover in the resources industry since 2005. We now have resources companies, both large and small, submitting turnover data from more than 30 operations around Australia and the sample has grown to in excess of 30,000 employees.

We use that data to compare turnover amongst the participating companies and provide graphs which benchmark their performance against the other companies. We further breakdown the data to benchmark against residential, fly in fly out (FIFO) and drive in drive out (DIDO) operations as well as blue collar versus white collar employees and direct employees and contractor employees.

Since April 2014 we have also collected turnover data on a gender basis and compared female turnover in the resources sector against male turnover.

RITA also shows trends in company turnover against industry averages. To make the comparisons meaningful the current sample is restricted to mining and processing operations around Australia. We have some interest from the oil and gas sector for a similar report and encourage potential participants to contact us.

The full report is produced twice yearly and is available to paying participants . Our latest RITA press release is available on the “News” page.

The graph below shows an example of the benchmarking data produced in a previous report. This is actual data showing overall (employee and contractor) turnover for all participants. The ZZZ represents one company’s overall turnover benchmarked against the other participants turnover.

Feel free to contact us for further information.