Employees Vote with Their Feet Despite Tough Times

Some employees chose to leave resource sector jobs in response to employers cost cutting initiatives despite tough times in the industry.

The results of our last Resources Industry Turnover Analysis (RITA) Report show that employee turnover levels in the resources sector increased slightly to 12.7% per annum over the previous year. Whilst this was still close to historical lows we were initially surprised that voluntary turnover didn’t continue its downward trend given the current state of the industry.

On closer analysis however, whilst a number of participating employers did report falling employee turnover, other employers reported an increased number of resignations as a result of roster changes, reductions in FIFO options and other general cost cutting initiatives. Whilst employment opportunities in the sector are limited some employees have chosen to leave the industry all together while others have been fortunate enough to secure jobs elsewhere in response to changes to their terms and conditions of employment. Some participating sites have also reported increased union activity and Right of Entry requests in response to cost cutting measures.

Disappointingly our RITA Report continued to show female turnover in the sector at a substantially higher rate than that reported for males.

The survey which is conducted bi-annually measures turnover as a percentage of the total workforce who voluntarily resign in a 12 month period.  The survey excludes corporate office employees and focuses mainly on mining and processing operations which include residential, fly in fly out and drive in drive out arrangements.

Data collection for our October 2016 RITA Report commences in mid-August.

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