Mackie Employer Solutions is a boutique consultancy providing a range of Employee Relations and Human Resources Services. Since 2004 we have worked with both large and small businesses to provide practical solutions for people related projects.

Regardless of the prevailing economic conditions people are critical to your business success. Employers face the challenges of attracting and retaining the right people in their organization and complying with an increasingly complex legal and business environment. Your employee relations and human resources systems, processes and policies directly influence the productivity, motivation and retention of employees and ensure compliance with prevailing workplace legislation.

Our work ranges from strategic planning for start ups and new projects to providing day to day advice on ER and HR matters.

Our consultants have extensive experience in policy and procedure review and development, rostering and shiftwork, dealing with Fair Work Act 2009 matters and in conducting independent Workplace Investigations.

We can provide ER and HR professionals for short term requirements and our Resources Industry Turnover Analysis (RITA) benchmarks employee turnover in the Australian Resources Industry.

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